Gold Mining Gold Mining Undated photo of a collection of bricks of gold bullion (over one million dollars worth), and mining buckets filled with raw gold ore, from the vaults of the Merchants & Miners Bank in Nome. 4437959 Taken on the Nome beachfront (outside of town) in 1905. "Joseph Shaw, age 73 years". This dwelling appears to be made up of sheets of canvas (probably the remains of tent walls), scrap wood, and odds & ends. And there's old Shaw in front of his dwelling, his dog by his side. 4437961 A mining camp on the Seward Peninsula in 1905. What is shown here are miners' tents (actually "stockaded" up off the ground, probably on logs, to add height), and a new gold dredge being constructed on the creek running across the center of the photo. 4437960 Passengers and gold miners on a train of the Nome Arctic Railway Company, dated 1905. 4437962 Undated photo (pre serum run) of miners showing some well-to-do visitors (probably from Nome) some mining equipment...including a pan and the water-feed system for a hydraulic mining operation. 4437963 From 1905, a miners' camp on the Seward Peninsula (with the miners shown in the photo). The only thing not visible is their dwelling...but this may be just a small part of a work camp. 4437981 The Nome beachfront in 1908, with prospectors working sluice boxes in the surf (probably employees of one of the gold mining companies), and panners working the sand. The panners were mostly in business for themselves. And in those days, finding bits of gold in the sand wasn't as difficult as it is today. 4437964 This is a photo, taken in 1917, of the Pioneer Gold Mining Company engaging in "hydraulic mining"...a very destructive method of mining in which water was pumped through hoses using gravity fed methods to generate high-powered streams of water, which would chop away sections of earth, exposing possible ore veins, and causing plenty of run-off (which would also, ostensibly, be examined for bits of ore). This was not the only method of mining used by Pioneer and other companies, but it was one of the easiest and quickest. 4437982 A picture of a gold dredge from the 1920s, out on the Seward Peninsula (working a creek bed). No specific date given on photo. 4437965 A photo, actual size, of the largest gold nugget ever found in Alaska by the date of the photo (September 8th, 1903), found "on No. 5 Bench off Discovery (Claim), Anvil (Creek)". It weighed 182 ounces, and had a value, then of $3,276.00. 4437966 From July of 1910, this is a photo which describes "one weeks' output of the Pioneer Mining Company of Nome" ($260,000.00 of gold bullion, according to the note on the photo). This photo was taken in the lobby of the Merchants & Miners Bank of Nome, with some important citizens (probably officials of the bank, and executives of the Pioneer Gold Mining Company) including, at left, Jafet Lindeberg, the owner of Pioneer. 4437983 From 1905, a prospector's log & sod cabin, situated somewhere on the Nome beach (probably southeast of town). This was all too common for itinerant, migratory miners and prospectors who had no other permanent dwelling in town. And there's the old prospector sitting out on a bench in front of his place. 4437967