Nome Nome Nome in its earliest days, before the rise of buildings, in early 1899. 4417039 Nome's Front Street in 1900...mostly comprised of miners', prospectors' and laborers' tents and cabins. 4417085 The waterfront of Nome (from the Bering Sea) in 1899. 4417068 A view of Nome's Front Street in 1899, including a mix of buildings and canvas tents. 4417086 The waterfront of Nome, the north end looking southeast, in 1903 (taken from a wooden derrick). 4417069 The Fourth of July celebration in Nome (along Front Street), July 4th, 1903. Even though Alaska was only a military district of the United States in the early 1900s, American customs were rapidly replacing Russian ones by this time. 4417070 Front Street in Nome, 1905. This shows the wooden "plank road" which was laid along the street in that time period. 4417087 Visitors to Nome (and possibly settlers) arriving by tender on the Nome beachfront on June 9th, 1906. 4417088 Arrival of District of Alaska Governor Wilford B. Hoggatt in Nome on July 28th, 1906. 4431767 Front Street in Nome, January 1907. 4417071 Another view of Nome's waterfront from a derrick, showing the north end looking southeast, in 1907. 4417064 Front Street in Nome, April 2nd, 1907. 4417040 The starting line of the 1908 All-Alaska Sweepstakes Race, on Front Street in Nome. Photo caption reads: "Front Street from grandstand starting of the dog teams, All Alaska Sweepstakes Race - Nome to Candle and return, 412 miles, April 1, 1908". This was the first year the race was run. 4431770 The Nome waterfront, from the Bering Sea, in 1908. 4417065 Front Street in Nome, 1908. 4417081 A view of Nome looking east, from First Avenue, on June 22nd, 1910. 4417082 Finish line of the 1911 All-Alaska Sweepstakes Race on Front Street in Nome. Winner is Scotty Allan. 4431782 Citizens of Nome, out on the frozen Bering Sea off the Nome beachfront, awaiting the return of the dog teams during the 1913 All-Alaska Sweepstakes Race. 4431771 Front Street in Nome, an undated photo, but before the serum run. 4417067 Front Street in Nome, following a winter storm. Undated photo, but estimated to date between 1911 and 1920. 4417083 U.S. Army Fort Davis, outside of Nome. This is a photo of "officers row" (the officers quarters buildings) inundated by heavy snow. Photo undated, but certainly before the closing in 1921. 4431785 U.S. Army soldiers marching in formation, down Front Street in Nome, as part of the closing of U.S. Army Fort Davis in 1921 (soldiers are being marched to a waiting steamship). 4431784 Nome at the time of the serum run (1925), taken from the air by bush plane. 4417084 The Alaska Mercantile Company of Nome, a general store. Date unknown (but prior to the serum run). 4431768 St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church in Nome. The cross atop the spire was lighted electrically during the serum run era, and was actually a mark for mushers driving their teams into Nome on the featureless snowy tundra of the Seward Peninsula. Date unknown...but prior to the serum run. 4431769 The permanent Inupiat (Inuit) encampment on the north end of Nome (in an area called "The Sandspit"). Undated photo, but prior to the serum run. 4431783 Undated photo of the courthouse of Nome (probably photographed before the serum run). 4431772 The parlor of the home of Nome citizen W.L. Goodwin, the Engineer in Charge of the Alaska Railroad Commission. An undated photo (but probably photographed before the serum run). 4431773