Togo Togo A great shot of Togo posed at Leonhard Seppala's feet. 4399486 Another pose of Togo...note the large paws. 4399487 Togo posed some distance in front of his team (Leonhard Seppala's team) after the serum run. 4399509 Togo (center), posed with some other members of Leonhard Seppala's kennels (including Togo's father Suggen, at left), taken in the years before the serum run. They are at work for the Pioneer Gold Mining Company/Hammon Consolidated Gold Fields. 4399510 Togo posed (above) with some of the members of the serum run team...including his half-brother Fritz (at left). 4399488 Togo (at left) with some other dogs from Leonhard Seppala's kennels, in the years before the serum run. 4399511 Togo posed at the front of Leonhard Seppala's serum run team. 4399512